Expert Witness

Chris Chambers Consulting Ltd specialises in providing independent expert advice and evidence in relation to occupational disease and other personal injury risks.  We specialise in respiratory diseases (asbestos related disease, asthma, silicosis, COPD), physical agents (noise and vibration), carbon monoxide poisoning, stress related ill health and occupational accidents.

We have experience of providing oral evidence, often in complex and high profile cases.   Mr Chambers has presented many cases before the Magistrates’, given evidence in Crown Court trials and before the Coroners Court.  Our staff have appeared against leading Counsel, Queens Counsel and Solicitor Advocates and have advised Counsel and Queens Counsel on complex investigations, including in the role of expert witnesses.  Our staff have been acknowledged as experts in the field of health and safety by Crown Court Judges and Queens Counsel.

We comply fully with our duties to the Court, under the Civil Procedure Rules and, in particular Rule 35.

We are able to provide preliminary views in addition to full detailed reports, for the assistance of the Court, covering a wide range of issues in both civil and criminal cases. Contact us for more information.